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Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online Today!

About Electronic Cigarettes

Buying Electronic Cigarettes has never been easier! E-cigs are a powered by battery device which uses a small heating element that creates a vapour from the liquid nicotine. This vapour can be inhaled and exhaled. Buy Electronic Cigarettes does not include any harmful chemicals that are found within regular cigarettes. The e-liquid is made up of a combination of nicotine, glycerine, glycol, water and a flavour when heated produces a vapour similar to smoke.

We offer consumers the best selection of e-cigs within Canada the United States and all over the world. Buying Electronic Cigarettes online is easy and these hi-tech device mimics the feel and look of a “smoke” and it is a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. Contains no tar; no carcinogens; and no formaldehyde. When using E-cigs there is no flame burning which also means there is no heat produced by the Electronic Cigarette

Imagine the look on people’s faces of you pulling out your e-cigarette to enjoy within a restaurant or bar right after you have a fabulous meal. Because the e-cig produces a vapour that is water based, NOT smoke it is perfectly legal to use in public places. No deadly second hand smoke and you don’t have to deal with non-smokers giving you dirty looks while you are using your newly bought e-cig. Buying your Electronic Cigarette is not only easy on your mind and body it is also cheap and will not cost you a fortune. Most smokers within Canada and the United States are painfully aware of traditional cigarettes becoming more and more expensive. Buying an Electronic Cigarette will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars per year. Enough for you to even plan that special trip you’ve been thinking about for years and years. The e-juice, refillable cartridges for the Electronic Cigarette costs nearly 1/3 of the price of traditional cigarettes. Don’t let the price savings be the only reason you buy Electronic Cigarettes, first remember you are taking the first steps to a smoke free lifestyle, a healthier more energetic you, and you are also taking a major step in making sure your loved ones around you are not exposed to such harmful chemicals and toxins.

What you will be avoiding when you buy an Electronic Cigarette

Second-Hand smoking which is extremely dangerous to young children and adults

More than 20,000 non-smokers die each and every single year due to the tobacco use of individuals around them. Over 2000 cancer deaths and at least 4000 deaths are from heart disease which has been caused by second hand smoking.


Tar coats your lungs like tar used for coating our roadways. A smoker who smokes 20+ cigarettes a day is injecting a coffee cup size mug full of tar each year. Tar damages the capillaries (fine lined veins within your body) it also disintegrates the fine hairs found within your air sacs which clean your lungs. Mucus builds up within your lungs causing the individuals to have a smokers cough. Eventfully the individual can possibly develop emphysema or bronchitis. Yellow teeth, winkles and dry skin are all common side effects of smoking.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide not only robs your heart, brain and muscles of oxygen it is combined with nicotine to thicken your blood. This can cause strokes, heart attacks, blood clots within your extremities resulting in possible amputation. 2 out of 4 deaths in mean having heart attacks is due to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Buying Electronic Cigarette

Buying E Cigarettes can save your life! We strive to achieve our goals in providing you with the best products money can buy. Instead of “best bang for your buck” the value we strive to achieve by focusing on how our product affects the smoking industry. We want our customers to live happy, healthy lives and who continue to come back to us. We are confident that after you buy E-cigs you will be satisfied with the “e-liquid” you will inhale with the Electronic Cigarette. We DO NOT purchase the Electronic Cigarette in large quantities and resell it to you. We blend our e-liquid ourselves and create our own flavours.

Buying an Electronic Cigarette or e-cig is used to stimulate the act of smoking tobacco. The inhaled mist, physical sensation, appearance and the flavour makes you feel like as if you are smoking a traditional cigarette. This device uses heat and in some cases ultrasonic’s which are used to vaporize glycerine based liquid into an aerosol mist similar to a humidifier or nebulizer vaporizes solutions for inhalation. Buying Electronic Cigarettes are used for resembling the feeling of smoking a cigarette, pipe, cigar and many e-cigs take the form of a ballpoint pen since this is more practical to house the mechanisms involved. The primary use of the Electronic Cigarette is to attempt to help individuals experience smoking without the dangerous health effects associated with the use of tobacco products. Nevertheless there have been concerns that the use of this device still can carry some health risks that could appeal to non-smokers, especially children due to the flavourings and novelty of the possible overstated claims of safety.

We disagree with these assumptions for we are one of the top premium sellers of the Electronic Cigarette and only see the most anticipated and functional Electronic Cigarette model of 2011. We have over 10 years experience in servicing our customers with medical supplies and we would NEVER put our reputation on the line. Thus we can offer you a discounted price online when you buy Electronic Cigarettes.

Feel free to browse our website and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. For information on how our Electronic Cigarettes work please take a moment to review all the information you will find on Kiwi Drug. We make buying and using the e-cig a healthy alternative to the new and improved you. Take charge of your life and get rid of those nasty traditional cigarettes.

**Important note for patrons: The information on this page is not official label or safety information as written by the manufacturer or reviewed by the FDA. We only list for sale and refer orders to our affiliates for medications approved in the country where they are licensed, and any product requiring a prescription must be sold under the direction of a licensed physician.
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